How Do I Pay DStv With MTN MOMO In Ghana

How Do I Pay DStv With MTN MOMO In Ghana, 2023 DStv Mobile Money

Just like we have stated in our previous article, you can use your MTN MOMO account to pay your bills. So in today’s guide, I will show you how to pay Dstv with MTN MOMO in Ghana.

Payment of goods and services has now become more convenient with mobile Money.

You don’t need to visit the nearest Dstv office or agent to pay for your subscription as you can use MTN Mobile Money to subscribe to my Dstv package.

However, before you can use MTN mobile money to pay your DStv subscription in Ghana, you must know your Dstv IUC or smartcard number, including the full name on your Dstv account.

With MTN Momo, you can never make your favorite TV shows and programs on Dstv, as you can keep your account active at all times.

Suppose you are on a Dstv decoder.

Let me show you how to pay your DStv account subscription with MTN Momo.

Can I Pay My DStv With MTN Mobile Money

Yes, you can use MTN mobile money to pay your DStv subscription in Ghana at any time.

It is very simple and instant. Once you have made the payment DStv subscription will be active and running.

Requirements To Pay DStv Bills With MTN Mobile Money

Below are the things you need to subscribe to the DStv package with MTN MOMO:

1. DStv smartcard or IUC number

2. Full name on your Dstv account

3. DStv package you want to subscribe to.

4. Enough Money in your MOMO account to pay your subscription.

How Do I Pay DStv With MTN MOMO

To successfully pay your DStv with MTN MOMO in Ghana, follow the steps below:

1. Kindly switch on your Dstv decoder.

2. Next, dial *170# on your phone

3. Chose option 2 “MoMoPay & PayBill”

4. Select 2″Pay Bill.”

5. Again choose option 2″TV & Entertainment”.

6. Reply with 1″ Gotv/DStv.”

7. Enter your Dstv smartcard or IUC number

8. Confirm the name on the account and choose 1 “DStv Account.”

9. Reply with 1″Pay Due Amount.”

10. Instantly, a prompt will display on your screen to authorize payment.

11. Now, enter your MTN MOMO PIN to authorize the payment.

12. Once you have authorized the payment, your MTN MOMO account will be debited, and your Dstv account will be activated.

That is exactly how to pay DStv with MTN MoMo.

How Long Does It Take Pay Dstv Subscription With Mobile Money

Paying a DStv subscription with MOMO is instant, and once you have authorized a payment, your DStv account to be activated instantly.

However, in instances where you made the payment was your decoder was off, you must reach out to DStv customer care for an account reset to reactivate your subscription.

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