FNB South Africa Fixed Property Investment Guide

FNB Fixed Property Investment Guide For South Africa

Here is how FNB fixed property investment account work in South Africa.

It is everyone’s dream to own a property.

Through FNB South Africa fixed property investment, the dream gets to become a reality. 

This type of investment is meant for everyone who likes to invest in property.

The bank will make it even easier to own the property with their financial adviser at your disposal.

The bank will furthermore evaluate on your behalf if the property you would purchase is worthy.

Thus, the investment you get to make it worth your money.

Hence whether you would like to invest in rentals, office, industrial or retail property, FNB will make it easier and possible for you.

Below are how the FNB fixed property investment works and considerations to qualify for the investment.

How FNB South Africa fixed property Investment work

The First National Bank Fixed property investment is meant to help its customers who would like to invest in property.

The bank will issue you with an Amortizing loan to purchase the property.

The loan is issued according to your security of a bond over an investment property.

After investing, the property’s income is used to repay the bond or loan issued and the interest accrued.

The bank structures the loan repayments according to the rental income stream.

In most cases, the loan repayment takes around ten years, depending on the income generated, and the property becomes loan-free, and you own it.

Sometimes it is not a must you own the property but can invest the loan through acquiring property company shares from JSE or a real estate investment trust (REIT).

REITs pool and acquire assets in the form of properties in the capital of numerous investors.

It allows individual investors to earn dividends from real estate investments without having to buy, manage, or finance properties themselves.

The cost of entering a REIT investment is the one share price.

What You Need To Qualify For First National Bank fixed property Investment

The bank takes several considerations before issuing the loan to invest in properties.

Below are the basic considerations of the bank and may consider even more factors.

1. Credit history

You ought to have a good credit standing to qualify for the loan for the investment.

2. Property

The bank doesn’t give out the loan without knowing the location and condition of the property.

These two factors determine the demand for the property, which influences how sooner you repay the loan.

3. Affordability

The bank will also access the affordability of the property and sustainability to repay the loan.

There will be consideration of your affordability of the property and subsidize any potential shortfalls.      

That is all we have for you about FNB Fixed Property Investment.

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