How to Cancel FNB Revolving Loan

How to Cancel FNB Revolving Loan, First National Bank South Africa 2023

Do you want to know how to cancel FNB revolving loan in South Africa.

A revolving loan is meant to help you during an emergency or unforeseen expenses.

Even though the loan application takes a few minutes, sometimes the loan application can take days to get approved.

For that reason, you might want to cancel FNB revolving loan.

The bank has to carry out a background check on your affordability and other factors.

If you don’t want the bank to continue to process the loan, you can request cancellation.

Many will ask how that is done.

Worry not; I have this article to detail various ways to cancel FNB revolving loans.

The revolving loan is meant to help when you have an emergency, and if you have sorted out your emergency, there is no need for the loan.

Then the bank allows you to cancel it when you wish.

Note you have to request before the loan is processed; otherwise, it will be hard to cancel the loan.

If the loan is processed, there is no other way to repay the loan.

How To Cancel FNB Revolving Loan

The following are ways you can cancel FNB revolving loan.

There are different ways to suit your preference.

Visit The FNB Branch Where You Applied For The Loan

There is no direct method to request an FNB revolving loan other than contacting customer care.

You can visit the FNB branch where you applied for the loan and request customer care to cancel the loan application.

In case the loan was already processed, the bank will advise you what to do.

Call The FNB Customer Care To Cancel Revolving Loan

You can also contact FMNB customer care to cancel the loan for you.

You have to reach customer care during bank working hours to process the loan cancellation easier.

The FNB customer care phone number is 087 575 1111 or 087 736 4800.

Send FNB Customer Care Email

You can also write to FB customer care detailing you have requested the bank to cancel your FNB revolving loan.

The FNB email address to use is

You may not receive feedback immediately, but the bank claims to respond within 24 hours.

Contact FNB Customer Care Online

You can also contact FNB customer care by visiting their website and click on the ‘Chat us’ button.

You’ll get live with customer care and explain your request to cancel the loan for you.

If you use any of the above ways to reach FNB, customer care will get to help you cancel your loan application.

Customer care may also advise you on what to do in case the loan cannot be canceled.

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