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FNB Connect Deals, Get The Best Connect Offer In South Africa 2023

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FNB Connect is a mobile communication provider, and it offers both voice and data connectivity services.

The FNB connects one of the First National Bank products meant for its customers.

To qualify for the service, you have to be an FNB customer with a bank account.

The FNB connect launched in 2009, more than a decade now.

Since then, many FNB customers have subscribed to the network.

At first, the FNB connect offered only internet connection, and it was at a later date when they also started offering voice services.

Today, FNB connect serves many subscribers, and they are attracted to the network because of the deal it offers.

FNB Connect Deals

There are seven different main offers offered by FNB connect.

These offers are meant to suit every subscriber.

FNB Connect Prepaid SIM Deal South Africa

The first offer is a prepaid sim to every FNB customer who wants to subscribe to the FNB connect.

The free sim card comes with free data, airtime, and SMS.

The offer depends on the type of account you have opened with FNB.

With the Sim card, you can top up and make a call or buy data bundles.

You also get to be rewarded for using the Sim card every month depending on the level of eBucks reward.

FNB Connect Talk Max & Talk Max Pro Deals

After getting the SIM card deal, there is also a max and talk max pro deal that offers unlimited voice calling.

But there are terms and conditions you have first to meet to enjoy the deal.

First National Bank Connect Lifestyle Plans

With FNB connect, you can subscribe to the Lifestyle plans.

The plan offers voice, data, and SMS bundle options for everyone.

FNB Connect Data Plans

There is also a data plan deal where you extra data bonuses according to your usage.

First National Bank Connect Flexi Plans

The Flexi data deal allows you to combine the voice, data, and SMS after building your deal.

The deal depends on your affordability and is meant to suit your needs.

FNB Connect Contracts

The contract deal is a combination of a lifestyle plan and there is the inclusion of tablets, laptops, and smartphones.

You enter a contract where you repay for the gadgets within 24 months.

First National Bank Connect Business Plans

The last deal is business pans meant for sole proprietors.

There is the inclusion of several plans to offer combo data, voice, and SMS bundles.

You get the best value for your money with business plans.

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