Access Bank Home Loan

Access Bank Home Loan, 2023, Steps To Apply & Get Access Mortgage

Access bank home loan is one of the best mortgage products you can ever have in Nigeria.

After our previous article on Access bank loans, many of our readers have sent us tons of messages seeking details about Access bank Nigeria home loans.

As a result, we did our little investigation to give you all the detail of all you need to know about Access bank mortgage loan in Nigeria.

Houses have become a priority asset that everyone must acquire.

As you are already aware, having a peaceful home depends on where you live, and that will depend on either you are living in a rented apartment or your home.

However, buying or building a house in Nigeria is very expensive, but it does not mean there is no way you can build or buy a house.

The good news is that Access bank has now launched mortgage loan products, and if you want to build or buy a complete house, the mortgage loan is available to give you all you need.

What Is Access Nigeria Home Loan

Access bank home loan is a product offered by the bank to customers to provide financial support to acquire bundling properties, either ready or under construction.

Who Is Eligible For Access Home Loans

Here is the list of those eligible for the home loan:

  • Salary earners
  • Employees
  • Business entrepreneurs
  • Corporate entities

Those are the people who can apply for Access bank mortgage loans.

Requirements To Apply For The Loan (Mortgage) In Nigeria

Below are the things you need to apply for an Access bank mortgage loan in Nigeria:

1. Employees status inquiry, that documents that show you are a worker.

2. A letter of offer from the person or company you are buying the property from.

3. Property title document.

4. Bank’s approved estate valuer valuation report.

5. Search report.

6. Credit checks.

Those are the things you need to apply for an Access bank mortgage loan in Nigeria.

Steps To Apply For Access Bank Home Loan In Nigeria

To apply for an Access bank home loan in Nigeria, follow the steps below:

1. Kindly visit the nearest Access Bank branch, preferably where you hold an account.

2. Request for details about home loans.

3. An agent will explain everything you need to know about Access bank mortgage loans.

4. You will be given the home loan application form to fill.

5. Kindly fill the home loan form with the right information.

6. Ensure that you have entered the exact information in the right field.

7. Now, attach the necessary documents to the filled home loan form and submit it to the agent.

8. Your application will be forwarded to the right department for assessment.

9. You will be contacted by a loan officer throughout the process.

10. Once your request is granted, you will be told when your loan will be ready.

That is how to apply for an Access bank mortgage loan.

How Long Does Access Bank Home Loan Take

The Access bank home loan tenor is up to 10years.

Therefore, after you have secured a mortgage loan from Access bank, you can get a repayment structure of up to 10years.

In short, Access bank mortgage loan duration can last up to 10 years.

That is all we have for you today, and we implore you to follow each step precisely.

We shall do our best to frequently update this guide and add more details.

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