How To Unblock Access Bank ATM

How To Unblock Access Bank ATM, 2023, Reactivate Your ATM Card In Minutes

Has your Access bank ATM being blocked? Maybe it was stolen or missing, and you blocked it? Then worry no more here is the right article with guidelines on how to unblock your Access bank ATM card.

Access bank card services have one of the most secured platforms you can ever get, and with banking on the go.

Carrying out all your bank transactions at your fingertips, it is so much a good feeling to be an Access bank customer.

Security is a priority with Access bank plc, and now.

You can block your Access bank ATM card whenever you lose it, either stolen or missing.

However, the good news is that you can still unlock it and continue to use it whenever you have found your block ATM back.

If you don’t know how to reactivate Access Bank ATM cards in Nigeria, do not worry. We have covered all the details in this guide.

So, in this guide, you shall learn how to deactivate your Access bank ATM at any time. Let proceed if you are ready.

Requirements To Unblock Your Access Nigeria Automatic Teller Machine Card

Below are things needed to unblock your Access bank ATM:

  • Your full name.
  • Mobile phone number linked to your account.
  • Your Access bank account number.

Those are the things you need to reactivate your Access bank ATM Card in Nigeria.

Steps To Unblock Access Bank ATM Card In Nigeria

To unblock your Access bank ATM card in Nigeria, kindly follow the basic steps below:

1. Walk into the nearest Access Bank branch in Nigeria.

2. Consult an agent at the ATM card unblock.

3. You will be given the Access bank ATM unblock form to fill.

4. Write the branch name.

5. Enter your “Full name” in order of Surname, Maiden name, and first name.

6. Input your “Mobile phone number.”

7. Next, enter your “Account number.”

8. Tick “Card found” at the unblock section on the form.

9. Now, sign your signature.

10. Read through to check if you have entered the exact information.

11. Submit the filled form to the agent.

12. Your request will be reviewed, and your ATM card will be unblocked.

That is how to unblock your Access bank ATM card in.

How Long Does It Take To Unblock Access Bank ATM Card

It does not take much time for your ATM card to be unblocked, and once you have filled a form to request ATM unblocking, your card will be unblocked within 24hours.

At times due to some reasons, it might delay a bit, but it will not exceed three working days.

However, it is your responsibility to contact your bank and follow the process continuously.

Finally, that is all we have for you about the Access bank ATM reactivation.

We recommended that you keep vising this page for more details as we will update this post regularly to ensure every relevant detail is captured.

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