How To Get Access Bank Business Loan

How To Get Access Bank Business Loan, 2023, Follow These Steps To Apply

Working capital is the backbone of every business, and even if you have the best business idea in Nigeria, you still need enough capital to start it? Today in this guide, we shall discuss how to get an Access bank business loan to expand your company and grow your company.

Access bank Nigeria is more focused on helping small Nigerian companies to grow, and due to that, they have introduced several business loan packages available to Nigerian business owners.

However, before you can apply for a corporate loan in Nigeria, you must have a registered business with documents backing it and a business plan to implement.

The Access bank corporate loan comes with a flexible repayment structure, less interest rate, and applies online.

There is more we can tell you about it, but as we have stated earlier, we are focused on how you can apply for an Access bank corporate loan in Nigeria.

Therefore, let’s start with the things you need.

Requirements To Get Access Nigeria Corporate Loan

Below are the things you need to apply for an Access bank business loan:

1. Access bank business account.

2. Your Bank verification number.

3. Email address.

4. Business detail.

5. Mobile phone number.

Those are the things you need to apply for an Access bank corporate loan.

Steps To Apply For Access Bank Business Loan In Nigeria

To get an Access bank business loan in Nigeria, follow these steps:

1. Kindly visit the Access bank corporate loan platform here:

2. Click on “Apply Now” at the top of the site.

3. Select “Working Capital.”

4. Enter the amount you need, between 1 million – 5 million Naira.

5. Choose the number of months you can pay back. That is the loan tenor.

6. Click on “Continue.”

7. Enter your BVN (Bank verification number).

8.Type in your “Email address.”

9. Next, enter a “Password” you what to use for your account.

10. Confirm your password.

11. Kindly click on the terms and conditions and read carefully to understand.

12. Now, click on the small empty to accept the terms and conditions.

13. Kindly click on “Continue” and follow the next instructions to complete your business loan application.

14. Once your application has been submitted, an Access bank loan officer will contact you to process your loan.

That is how to apply for an Access bank corporate loan online.

How Long Does It Take To Get Access Bank Business Loan

It should not take any more time to get an Access bank business loan, as once your application has been submitted and a loan officer has taken charge, your details will be verified and your loan granted within a few days.

We hope this guide has been helpful to you, so you can share your opinion with us through our commenting section.

Also, we will ensure we update this post regularly to add more relevant information to the post.

So do not hesitate to come back and read more.

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