Redwood Credit Union ATM Withdrawal Limit

Redwood Credit Union ATM Withdrawal Limit, 2024, Know Your Limit

Are you interested to know the Redwood credit union ATM withdrawal limit in the US? If you do, then read through this guide to learn.

Redwood credit union (RCU) was founded in 1950 and is based in greater San Francisco and North Bay.

The credit union has 19 branches and offers a diverse range of accounts

What Is The ATM Network

You can find RCU ATMs at every RCU branch.

You can use a CO-OP ATM to withdraw cash from your Redwood accounts.

The redwood credit union is also part of a shared branch and ATM network that allows you to withdraw at thousands of other ATMs nationwide.

Click on this link to find the nearest RCU branch and ATM,

Cash withdrawals at ATMs within the Redwood credit union network are surcharge-free.

This is the Redwood Credit Union ATM network in the US.

Redwood Credit Union ATM Withdrawal Limit

The daily ATM withdrawal limit is $800.

The daily limit resets at midnight every day.

Some ATMs have a dispensing limit that is not associated with your daily limit.

You may have to make multiple transactions to withdraw your desired amount in such a situation.

This is the Redwood credit union ATM transaction limit in the US.

How To Increase Your Redwood ATM Withdrawal Limit

You can temporarily increase your ATM withdrawal limit from $800 to $1,000 through online or mobile banking.

If you want to increase your limit above $1,000, you should contact the bank at 1-800-479-7928 or visit the nearest Redwood credit union branch.

Follow the steps below to change your ATM withdrawal limit:

  1. First, you must log in to online redwood banking or the Redwood mobile app
  2. Select the Manage Cards tab
  3. After that, select Adjust Debt Limits
  4. After that, select the card you would like to adjust and modify the Daily ATM Withdrawal Limit amount.
  5. Click next and then follow the prompts to complete the setting

This is how to change your Redwood Credit Union ATM withdrawal limit in the US.

How Long Does The Temporary ATM Withdrawal Limit Last

Temporary ATM limit increases of above $800 to $1000 typically last for three days.

The limit increase will reset at midnight on the third day.

If you need more cash, you will have to repeat the process of limit increase.

This is all the information you need about the US’s Redwood Credit Union ATM withdrawal limit.

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