Absa Tyre Insurance

Absa Tyre Insurance, 2023, Get Your Vehicle Tyre Insured

Today, we will discuss Absa tyre insurance in South Africa in our guide.

Tyres to a vehicle are like shoes to your legs.

They complement a vehicle, and just like human shoes, they suffer the most abuse from shouldering the entire vehicle weight and abuse from varied road surfaces.

The more expensive your car is (cost), the more expensive the tyres, so Getting car insurance with tyre protection is an absolute necessity.

We will look at what is covered in this insurance.

What Is Covered By The Absa Tyre Insurance

This Tyre insurance covers the cost of replacing a damaged tyre with a new one.

The labor charges towards removing, refitting, and rebalancing the tyre also cater to.

You are also covered by this policy for accidental loss or damage to tyres and tubes, which can make a tyre unfit for use.

This includes a bulge in a tyre, damaged or cut to the tyre, and bursting.

This is what is covered by the Absa tyre insurance in South Africa.

Absa Tyre Insurance

You need to get comprehensive car insurance to enjoy tyre protection.

The amount of claim under this cover depends on the unused tread depth of the tyre, which has the measurement between the top of the tread rubber and the bottom of the tyre’s deepest grooves.

This is how you measure if the tyre has worn out too much.

Absa is not liable to pay for any damages to tyres and tubes unless your car is damaged at the same time.

You can get a credit protection plan to cover tyre and rim scratch or dent value-added products.

This is how Absa tyre insurance works in South Africa.

What Are The Exclusions Of The Tyre Policy

The insurance will not cover the cost of puncture and tyre repair.

Damage arising from a manufacturing defect or service provided by an unauthorized service center will not be compensated.

You are not covered for damage arising from operating instructions such as racing and rallying violations.

Damage from improper storage or transportation will also not be covered.

A claim due to theft or vandalism of tyre and tube will not be compensated.

These are the exclusions under the Absa tyre insurance in South Africa.

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