Absa Business Credit Card

Absa Business Credit Card, Get Business Spending On The Go

In our guide today, we will focus on the Absa business credit card in South Africa.

This card is essential to help you keep track of your spending when making payments, purchases, or paying for traveling costs.

You can also link your garage cards for easy and convenient fuel purchases and other vehicle-related expenses.

We will show you the various Absa business cards in South Africa.

What Are The Types

Below are the types of Absa business cards in South Africa:

  • Businesses revolve around credit card
  • Business silver card
  • Business gold card
  • Corporate card
  • Purchases card
  • Travel lodge card
  • Aviation card
  • Virtual pay credit card

These are the various Absa business credit cards in South Africa.

Absa Business Credit Card

Now that you know the various business cards, we will show you how the card works.

To get this card, you need two separate accounts, one the main account in the business name and the other an individual user account for your staff.

The cardholder will receive individual user account statements monthly.

The statements will contain all the transactions performed, the card fee charged, and the final balance, which is carried over to the main account.

The individual user account balance is settled against the main account, and the main account is paid through EFT or debit order.

You will also receive the statements of the main account, which show the balance transferred from each user account.

The cardholder determines the allocation of credit limits for the individual user accounts.

A transaction with the card may be disputed in line with visa or MasterCard rules and regulations.

This is how the Absa business credit card works in South Africa.

What Is The Fee For Absa Business Credit Card

The initiation fee for this card is R300.00.

When you link a garage card to your business silver account, you are charged R28.50 per month and a total of R305.00 annually.

Garage card transactions cost R6.80 per transaction

Replacing a stolen or lost card will cost you R140.00.

Transferring cash and making payments through the Absa ATM is free of charge, but paying an account through the ATM will cost you R10.00 per transaction.

When you request a statement of your card, you will be charged R.30.

This is the cost of the Absa business card in south Africa.

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