Absa New Credit Card, Features, Types, & Benefits

Today we will discuss the Absa new credit card in South Africa.

Absa has taken the financial industry by storm by providing its clients with a wide range of products and services.

The new credit cards have features and benefits that a very crucial to new clients as they are tailored to fit the modern world.

The card allows electronic access to funds for purchases and services with regard to an agreement between the bank and the client.

We will show you the general requirements to qualify for the card.

What Are The Absa New Credit Card Requirements

Below are the standard requirements for an Absa new credit card:

  • You must have a valid couth African ID
  • Proof of residence not more than three months old
  • Proof of income for three consecutive months

These are the standard requirements to qualify for the Absa new card in South Africa.

Now that you know the requirements to qualify for the card, we will now show you the different Absa new credit cards in South Africa.

What Are The Types

Below is a list of the common Absa new credit cards:

  • Flexi core credit card tailored best for someone after building a credit score
  • Absa gold credit is packaged for individuals who earn between R4 000 and R25 000.
  • Student credit card
  • Premium credit card
  • Private banking credit card

These are some of the common Absa new credit cards in South Africa.

We will now show you how the credit card works.

Absa New Credit Card

Due to the evolving technology, Absa has also digitized banking, and you can now conduct all your banking needs through internet banking.

You can apply for the new card through Absa internet banking, and all you need is your ID and reference number.

It can take up to seven (7) days for your card to be processed.

The card’s interest rate depends on the type of the card and the package that comes with it.

You can check your Absa credit card balance by dialing *120*2272# on your handset.

The bank provides you with an option to increase your recurring credit facility.

You have to first assess the risks involved and calculate the costs of the loan after you increase your limits.

You can contact Absa through 0861 114 411 in case of any application problem. 

This is all to know about the Absa new credit card in South Africa.

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