Halifax ATM Withdrawal Limit

Halifax ATM Withdrawal Limit, 2023, Daily, Weekly, & Monthly Limit

Most people in the UK already know the Halifax ATM withdrawal limit. If you are among the few percentages that do not know, this is the right place.

In this guide, we will show you all you need to know about ATM limits.

When you open an account with Halifax, you get a debit card or a credit card.

With a Debit card, you can withdraw cash from ATMs all over the country.

Why ATM Withdrawal Limits

Withdrawal limits are essential for your account’s security.

If, for instance, someone accesses your account’s security numbers, they could wipe out your account clean.

With a limit, the fraudsters will not be able to access all the money in the account, and you will have made a report to free your accounts by the next day.

The bank doesn’t have a lot of cash to give everyone, so the funds will be evenly distributed to everyone in need within limits.

These are the reasons for Halifax ATM withdrawal limits in the UK.

Halifax ATM Withdrawal Limit

The daily Halifax ATM withdrawal limit is 500 Sterling pounds.

You might get a higher withdrawal limit when you withdraw from the Halifax ATM network.

The withdrawal limits apply even for foreign transactions.

This is the Halifax ATM transaction limit in the UK.

What Are The Charges

When you withdraw cash in a foreign currency or pounds outside, a UK visa will convert the amount into pounds using the Visa Payment Exchange Rate the day the transaction is processed.

You are charged a foreign currency transaction fee of 2.99% of your withdrawal amount.

There is also a foreign currency cash fee of 1.50 pounds for every withdrawal you make.

The provider for out-of-network ATMs may charge you an additional fee.

These are the Halifax ATM withdrawal charges in the UK.

How To Get Cash After You Hit Your Daily ATM Withdrawal Limit

If you have already made transactions that sum to your daily 500 pounds limit but still need more cash, there are other ways to acquire the cash.

You can call Halifax for a temporary ATM transaction limit increase through 0330 018 9539.

You can request cashback from a store you are shopping for. 

You can also withdraw cash in person at the Halifax branch near you.

This is all the information you need about the Halifax ATM withdrawal limit in the UK.

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