Logix ATM Withdrawal limit

Logix ATM Withdrawal Limit, 2023, Daily, Weekly, & Monthly Limit

Today’s article will focus on the Logix ATM withdrawal limit in the US.

Logix bank was founded in 1937 as the Lockheed aircraft employees’ federal credit union.

It is located in Logix, Burbank branch California.

Why Logix ATM Uses Withdrawal Limit

Logix ATM uses the ATM withdrawal limit to help its customers secure their cash from fraudsters.

Setting limits helps Logix bank control the movement of available cash at hand.

These are the reasons why Logix ATM uses withdrawal limits in the US.

What Are The Logix Withdrawal charges

You are charged no fee for withdrawals performed at Logix-owned ATMs and Co-op networks.

You are charged $1.95 for withdrawals performed at non Logix owned and non-co-op network ATMs.

You are charged $2 per deposit as a Co-op adjustment fee for any deposit at Co-op network ATM to which a correction or any other adjustment is made.

You are charged $7.50 per card as a card replacement fee.

You are charged no annual fee for your card.

You are charged 0.2% of the US dollar amount for a foreign currency conversion fee.

These are the charges of Logix withdrawal in the US.

Logix ATM Withdrawal Limit

The minimum and maximum limits on cash withdrawal and POS transactions depend on the institution that owns the ATM or POS network.

You have a limit of $2500 in combined Debit MasterCard purchases and ATM cash withdrawals using your pin.

The bank also has a limit of $2500 in debit MasterCard purchases using your signature.

Your daily limits on your teen checking account are $125 Debit MasterCard purchases and ATM cash withdrawals using your pin and signature.

The bank has no weekly or monthly withdrawal limits.

This is the Logix ATM withdrawal limit in the US.

How To View Your ATM Limit

You can view your limits online through the Logix mobile banking app.

You can also contact the bank at (800) 328-5328

This is how you view your Logix ATM transaction limit in America.

How To Increase Logix ATM Withdrawal limits

You can increase or decrease your withdrawal limits by visiting any branches or ATMs.

This is how you increase your Logix withdrawal limits in the US.

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