Synovus ATM Withdrawal Limit

Synovus ATM Withdrawal Limit, 2023, Daily, Weekly, & Monthly Limit

Do you know the Synovus ATM withdrawal limit in the US? If not, then check out this guide to learn about the limits.

The Synovus financial corporation was formerly known as the Columbus bank and trust company.

It is based in Columbus, Georgia, with approximately a total of $55 billion in assets.

Why Synovus ATM Uses Transaction Limit

Synovus ATM uses the ATM withdrawal limit to help its customers in securing their cash from fraudsters.

Setting limits helps Synovus control the movement of available cash at hand.

Setting limits also helps the customers make a wise budget with the available cash to avoid overspending.

This is why Synovus ATM uses ATM withdrawal limits in the US.

What Are The Synovus Withdrawal charges

You are charged $2.50 for out-of-network ATM withdrawals.

The bank doesn’t charge any fee for in-network ATM withdrawals.

You are charged a $4 monthly card maintenance fee.

You are not charged any fee for an ATM balance inquiry in a network.

Also, $1 is charged for out-of-network balance inquiries.

You are also charged $5 for international ATM cash withdrawal

They charge $15 for payment stopped.

These are the charges of Synovus withdrawal in the US.

Synovus ATM Withdrawal Limit

The limit is $600 daily and $1500 for private wealth checking accounts in some accounts.

Your daily maximum ATM withdrawal amount is $505.

Your daily maximum cash withdrawal in a bank branch is $2500.

Synovus Bank has no weekly or monthly limits.

This is the Synovus ATM transaction limit in the US.

How To View Your ATM Withdrawal Limit

You can view your limits online through the Synovus mobile app.

Also, you can visit the Synovus website on

You can contact us on our customer care helpline at (888) 796-6887.

Also write to the bank on P.O BOX 23061, Columbus, GA, 31902.

This is how you view your Synovus ATM withdrawal limits in America.

How To Increase Synovus ATM Withdrawal limit

You can visit any of the banks’ branches during the normal working hours for this service.

This is how you increase your Synovus withdrawal limit in the US. 

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