Affinity Credit Union ATM Withdrawal Limit

Affinity Credit Union ATM Withdrawal Limit, Daily, Weekly, & Monthly

Do you know Canada’s Affinity Credit Union ATM withdrawal limit? If you don’t know, then read through this guide to learn.

Affinity Credit Union is a not-for-profit financial institution headquartered in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada.

The credit union focuses on the best interests of its members and the community at large by offering lower rates, greater deposit yields, and lower banking fees.

Membership is open to anyone working or living in Polk, Boone, Story, Marshall, Dallas, Jasper, Madison, Warren, Marion, Adams, Union, Page, Taylor, and Ringgold counties.

You can also join the credit union if you are an employee of one of Affinity Credit Union’s Select Employee Groups or if you have a family member who is a member of the credit union.

What Is The ATM Network

The credit union has 56 branches and an extensive network of ATMs.

The credit union has partnered with Privileged Status to bring customers more ATMs.

Look for the Privileged Status logo or click on this link to find the closest one;

You also have access to the CO-OP Shared Branching Network, with more than 30,000 CO-OP ATMs and over 5,600 Shared Branch surcharge-free ATMs nationwide.

To find the nearest Co-Op ATM, text your zip code to 91989 or click this link;

Most ATMs are located at convenience stores like Walgreens, Costco, and 7-eleven.

This is the affinity credit union ATM network in Canada.

Affinity Credit Union ATM Withdrawal Limit 

The daily ATM withdrawal limit for Affinity Credit Union is $500.

You are limited to at most ten transactions in a day.

There are no weekly or monthly ATM withdrawal limits for the Affinity credit union.

If you have any inquiries or want to increase your ATM withdrawal limit, contact the credit union at 1-866-863-6237.

This is the Affinity Credit Union ATM withdrawal limit in Canada.

What Are The Charges For Affinity Credit Union ATM Withdrawals

Cash withdrawal for the first ten transactions in a day is free.

After the ten transactions, you are charged $1.00 for every cash withdrawal made.

You are charged 1% of the transaction amount in U.S dollars for foreign transactions.

These are the Affinity Credit Union ATM withdrawal charges in Canada.

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