Ziraat Bank ATM Withdrawal limit

Ziraat Bank ATM Withdrawal limit, Daily, Weekly, & Monthly

Do you know the Ziraat Bank ATM withdrawal limit in turkey? If not, then check out this guide to learn.

Ziraat bank is a state-owned bank in Turkey that offers commercial loan support to companies and merchants and personal loans to clients.

The bank is well known for its widespread branch network and wide product range in Turkey and worldwide.

The bank was founded in 1863 and had 1758 branches in turkey.

What Is The ATM Network

Ziraat bank has an extensive ATM network all over Turkey where you can carry out financial transactions on a 24-hour basis.

The bank has over 7,243 ATMs nationwide.

The ziarat debit card is allowed everywhere that Visa and Mastercard are accepted worldwide.

Therefore, you can withdraw cash from any ATM with a Mastercard or maestro logo display.

Most ATMs in Turkey are located at airports, near bank branches, and in free-standing booths close to major attractions and other tourist areas.

Click on this link to find the nearest branch or ATM https://www.ziraatbank.com.tr/en/contact-us/branches-atms

This is the Ziraat Bank ATM network in Turkey.

Ziraat Bank ATM Withdrawal limit

The daily ATM withdrawal limit for Ziraat Bank is TL 1,500.

The daily limit does not apply to customers who take their retirement pensions through the bank.

If you withdraw more than the limit, you will be charged a commission by the bank.

The daily ATM withdrawal limit for cash withdrawals using the Qr code is TL 500.

This is the Ziraat bank ATM withdrawal limit in Turkey.

What Are The Charges For Ziraat Bank ATM Withdrawals

Cash withdrawals at the Ziarat Bank ATMs are free of charge.

Most Turkish ATM operators don’t charge withdrawal fees.

You may, however, be charged a small operation fee by the ATM owner or network when you use ATMs not owned by Ziraat Bank.

This is the Ziraat Bank ATM withdrawal charge in Turkey.

How To Change Your ATM Withdrawal Limit

You can apply for a limit increase from the Application Transaction menu through the ATM.

You can also contact the bank at 0-850-220-50-50 to inquire about any limit increase option available for you.

This is how to increase your Ziraat Bank ATM withdrawal limits in Turkey.

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