Ziglu ATM Withdrawal Limit

Ziglu ATM Withdrawal Limit, Daily, Weekly, & Monthly Limit

Are you interested to learn about the Ziglu ATM withdrawal limit in the UK? If you do, then check out this short guide.

Ziglu is a crypto exchange platform set up to cater to novice investors through a mobile app.

The platform allows account holders to hold and trade flat currencies and cryptocurrencies like bitcoin and Dogecoin.

The platform has gained popularity with over 3,500 customers.

What Is The ATM Network

The Mastercard debit on Ziglu can be used anywhere Mastercard is accepted worldwide.

You can only withdraw funds in GBP at any time in the Ziglu App.

You can withdraw cash only if you have enough funds to cater for the transaction.

This is the Ziglu ATM network in the UK.

Ziglu ATM Withdrawal Limit

Your Ziglu account is tied to the mobile device you use to set up your Zilu account, so you can’t access your account from any other device.

This ensures the safety and security of your Ziglu account.

There are no daily, weekly, or monthly ATM withdrawal limits.

This is the Ziglu ATM withdrawal limit in the UK.

What Are The Charges For Ziglu ATM Withdrawals

Cash withdrawal from the Ziglu ATM is free of charge.

You are charged a single exchange fee with no hidden spends or margins and allow the user to earn interests through its sterling Boost, and Bitcoin Boosts accounts.

These are the Ziglu ATM withdrawal charges in the UK.

How To Withdraw Money From Ziglu Account

Follow the steps below to withdraw money from Ziglu:

  1. First, you should log into your Ziglu app 
  2. When you open the dashboard, click on the green button at the bottom and select send
  3. Next, choose a bank account
  4. After that, your connected bank account will appear
  5. Click on the account displayed and type the amount you wish to withdraw
  6. Go through the details and confirm the withdrawal

This is all the information you need about the Ziglu ATM withdrawal limit in the UK.

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