YouTrip ATM Withdrawal Limit

YouTrip ATM Withdrawal Limit, Daily, Weekly, & Monthly Limit

Do you know the YouTrip ATM withdrawal limit in Singapore? If not, then read through this guide to learn.

YouTrip multi-currency card is an attractive solution for easy spending if you love to travel.

You can access multiple global currencies (over 150 currencies) through a single account available through the YouTrip app.

The YouTrip card is meant for overseas spending, so cash withdrawals at local ATMs in Singapore are not allowed.

What Are The Charges

You can access any ATM that displays the Mastercard, Maestro, or Cirrus logos.

You are charged $5 for cash withdrawals at foreign ATMs.

There are no ATM withdrawal charges or cross-border fees with this card.

YouTrip doesn’t make money off of you but from the merchants.

Some ATM operators may impose an additional fee that is typically displayed in ATMs before you withdraw cash.

This is the YouTrip ATM withdrawal charge in Singapore.

YouTrip ATM Withdrawal Limit

The daily ATM withdrawal limit is SGD 5,000 or equivalent in other currencies.

The annual transaction limit, including ATM withdrawals, is SGD 30,000 or equivalent in other currencies.

This is the YouTrip ATM withdrawal limit in Singapore.

How To Withdraw Cash Overseas From YouTrip ATM

Please follow the steps below to withdraw cash overseas using your YouTrip card:

  1. First, find an ATM with the Mastercard, Maestro, or Cirrus logo
  2. Next, insert your YouTrip card into the ATM and enter your PIN, which is the same as your YouTrip app login PIN.
  3. After that, select Savings Account instead of the Current Account option
  4. After that, select the option to withdraw in the local currency.
  5. You will then receive your cash from the ATM, and the applicable currency bucket is drawn down in your account if it is one of the in-app 10. 

This is all you need to know about the YouTrip ATM withdrawal limit in Singapore.

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