Valley First Credit Union ATM Withdrawal Limit

Valley First Credit Union ATM Withdrawal Limit, Find The Daily Limit

Here is the answer for those searching about the Valley First Credit Union ATM withdrawal limit in the US.

Valley First Credit Union is a not-for-profit member-owned financial institution based in Modesto, California.

The credit union was founded in 1949 as the Stanislaus County Employees Federal Credit Union. Later, in 1999, merged with the Vintage Federal Credit Union to form the Valley First Credit Union.

Why Valley First Credit Union Has ATM Transaction Limit

ATM withdrawal limits are essential for the security of your Valley First accounts and the ATMs at large.

The limits ensure that ATMs are not exhausted and that all customers get the cash they need.

You are protected from losing all your money when your ATM card and PIN get lost or stolen.

Please report a missing or stolen debit card immediately when you realize the card is missing.

This is why the Valley First Credit Union has ATM withdrawal limits in the US.

Valley First Credit Union ATM Withdrawal Limit

The daily ATM withdrawal limit for Valley First Credit Union is$310.

You can request a limit increase if you qualify for one.

For OnTrak Checking account holders, the daily ATM withdrawal limit is $500.

Other account holders can withdraw up to $2,000 if they meet the requirements.

Different participating networks may have lower ATM withdrawal limits.

There are no monthly or weekly limits for this credit union.

This is the Valley First Credit Union ATM transaction limit in the US.

What Are The Charges

You are limited to six free withdrawals each calendar month.

If your combined Checking and Savings balance is more than $5,000, you are not charged for cash withdrawals at any ATM.

If the combined balance is more than $2,000, cash withdrawal at Valley First and CO-OPATMs is free, and you are charged $2.00 for non-CO-OP ATMs.

You are charged $2.00 at CO-OP and non-CO-OP ATMs if your savings account balance only is less than $2,500.

You are charged 1% of the total amount you withdraw as the foreign transaction fee for transactions outside the US.

The surcharge fees are debited from the cash account from which you are withdrawing.

This is all you need to know about Valley First Credit Union ATM withdrawal limit in the US.

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