Absa Virtual Pay

Absa Virtual Pay, Find Out How It Works & Benefits

Today’s article will focus on Absa virtual pay in South Africa.

Virtual payments refer to payments that take place without referring to a physical token like your credit card number, CVV code, and expiry date.

Absa virtual pay has made work easy for you by solving all your issues.

With this system, you can monitor your business, spend and keep up with administration.

We will first show you the important things to note about Virtual pay.

What You Need To Know About Absa Virtual Pay In South Africa

With Absa virtual payments, you get to control your business, travel, refine your reporting process and spend.

This system enables you to enhance your data securely and protect you and your clients from fraud.

You process your invoices faster and refine your bill back through the virtual payment system.

Virtual card systems increase efficiency.

These are the key things to note about Virtual pay in South Africa.

Absa Virtual Pay

There are two ways how the Absa virtual pay works for:

  • Corporate Travel 
  • Procurement

For corporate travel

An authorized individual or travel agent generates a credit number for traveling personalized for steps of the journey.

Suppliers such as hotels and airlines receive the virtual credit number generated earlier.

The supplier gets paid whenever the traveler initiates a journey.

Cash management is enhanced because reconciliation is simplified.

For procurement

  1. An individual who has authorized logs on to the virtual pay portal and requests a virtual card number for a specified purchase
  2. Next, the line manager approves and sends to the individual requiring approval.
  3. Next, a purchase can then be made by an employee.
  4. Next, merchants process transactions through card processes.
  5. Next, validation of the transaction is made by the virtual payment system.
  6. Next, each purchase has an invoice and receipt, so the reconciliation is simplified.

This is how the Virtual pay works in South Africa.

What Are The Benefits

This system is easy and customer friendly for all your travels and bookings.

Through Virtual pay, you can monitor all your transactions with the added advantage of improved security.

For internal reconciliation and easy reporting, all your traveling data is captured.

These are the benefits of Absa virtual pay in South Africa.

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