Absa Travel Insurance

Absa Travel Insurance, 2023, Get Insurance To Tour Around The World

Today we will focus on the Absa travel insurance in South Africa.

This insurance covers almost everything from canceled flights and lost baggage to unexpected illnesses.

You get to enjoy your trip relaxed and sure about your safety in case of any unplanned events.

We will show you exactly how insurance works in South Africa.

Absa Travel Insurance 

The rates for the cover are calculated according to age bands of 3 months to 69 years and 70 years to 74 years.

You will get a policy that suits your travel needs and age.

A senior’s cover will focus on the benefits for the people aged 75 years and above.

With this cover, you will get travel to assist services which include:

  • Cash transfer advice
  • Emergency travel and accommodation arrangements
  • Evacuation assistance
  • Replacement of lost travel documents
  • 24 hour worldwide emergency medical assistance
  • Medical monitoring and referral
  • Consular and embassy referral

This is generally how the Absa travel insurance works in South Africa.

We will look at the Absa travel insurance covers in South Africa.

How Does The Absa Automatic Basic Cover Work

When you get an Absa credit card and purchase your return tickets with it, you automatically qualify for up to 90 days of basic travel insurance for international journeys.

This cover is available for people aged between three months and 74 years.

You are not covered for any preexisting medical conditions prescribed during the year before the insurance under this policy started.

You have three optional top-up plans to supplement the automatic basic cover.

This is how the automatic basic travel insurance works in South Africa.

How Does The Optional Top-up Cover Work With Absa Travel Insurance

You can select a trip duration of 1 to 90 days, 91 to 120 days, 121 to 184 days, or the annual multi-trip.

The comprehensive offer for this cover includes legal expenses, baggage loss, hi-jack, wrongful detention, personal accident, trip cancellation, other medical emergencies, and loss of personal money.

The standard optional top-up cover does not include some hazardous activities so make sure you confirm your policy.

The insurance does not cover claims resulting from cardiovascular vascular or cerebrovascular illness for people aged 70 years and above.

You can opt to buy the optional policy that covers such illnesses before the policy starts to be on the safe side.

This is all you need to know about Absa travel insurance in South Africa.

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