How To Request A New FNB eWallet PIN

How To Request A New FNB eWallet PIN, 2023, Get A New eWallet PIN Now

Are you seeking how to request a new FNB eWallet PIN in South Africa? Well, this guide will give all detailed guidelines on how to go about it.

One of the requirements to withdraw money from your ewallet account is PIN. However, sometimes you may forget the pin, or the pin time expires before you use it.

What do you do next? The only solution is to request a new pin.

Worry not; if you don’t know how to go about it, I’ll share how to request an ewallet new pin in this article.

Besides using a PIN to withdraw money from the ewallet, it is also meant to secure your account.

The pin is used to lock the money to your eWallet from anyone except you accessing it.

You should treat the money in the ewallet as cash as immediately someone gets to know the pin they can access easily.

More so, it would help if you keep your mobile phone safe at all times.

How To Request A New PIN For FNB eWallet PIN

If you send money to someone during the transfer, you are required to send the recipient a PIN to use and withdraw the money.

The pin is valid for up to 4 hours, and it can expire before you get to withdraw the money.

If you are withdrawing money, especially to an FNB ATM, you receive a PIN to use and withdraw the money after requesting a withdrawal.

The pin is valid for 16 hours.  If the PIN expires, you can still get to request another pin and complete the transaction.

You can request another FNB eWallet PIN by dialing *120*277# and follow the prompts.

The new pin is meant for one-time use to enable you to withdraw the money from your ewallet account.

How to reset your ewallet pin

If you have forgotten your FNB ewallet PIN or feel the current PIN is compromised, you can reset it to safeguard your account.

Note your PIN is your secret and should not share with anyone.  Here are the only ways to reset your wallet password;

How To Request A New FNB South Africa Wallet PIN  Via USSD Code

You can use the FNB eWallet shortcode to reset your ewallet PIN. Dial *120*277# then select reset password. Follow the prompts and will get to set another pin.

There is no limitation to access FNB eWallet services as the service is also met for non-FNB customers.

However, after receiving the money, you have up to 12 days to create an account and get to withdraw the money.

Failure to register the account will result in the funds sent being returned to the sender.


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