Absa Mangwanani Rewards

Absa Mangwanani Rewards, How To Get This Offer & Benefits

In our guide today, we will briefly discuss the Absa Mangwanani rewards in South Africa.

Mangwanani is a traditional African spa that offers full-day, half-day, and night spa packages.

The spa has partnered with Absa to bring their clients a more fulfilling experience by giving rewards for spending at the spa.

We will start by showing you the therapies that qualify for the rewards.

What Is Included In The Absa Mangwanani Rewards In South Africa 

Below are the therapies that qualify for the Absa rewards:

  • The traditional full body massage with hot stones
  • Royal African Foot Massage with Warm Rose Petal Water and Exfoliation
  • North African Head, Neck & Shoulder Massage
  • Royal African Hand Massage with Warm Rose Petal Water and Exfoliation
  • Relaxing Pressure Point Facial
  • Spa Body Exfoliation Treatment

These therapies qualify for the Absa Mangwanani rewards in South Africa.

Absa Mangwanani Rewards

You earn up to 5% cash rewards when you pay using your Absa card at any Mangwanani African spa branch.

You, therefore, should be a registered member of the Absa rewards program to qualify for these rewards.

You get the rewards when you spend a minimum of R1000 at the spa.

You can get a gift or spa vouchers and redeem them at the spa for a qualifying therapy.

The standard partnership terms and conditions will apply for the rewards.

If you have any issues with the rewards, you should contact Absa through 0860 550 055.

This is how the Mangwanani rewards work in South Africa.

What Are The Terms 

When you reschedule your appointment five days before your booking, you will be charged a 10% administration fee.

The fee is payable when you are rescheduling, so the process can not be completed unless you first pay the fee.

Rescheduling your appointment three days before your booking will attract a 25% rescheduling fee, which must be paid when you are rescheduling the booking.

When you Reschedule your appointment within three days of your booking, you are charged 100% forfeit of the total value of the booking.

When you cancel a booking or fail to show up for your appointment, you will be penalized 100% of the amount.

There are no refunds for any booking made.

This is all you need to know about Absa Mangwanani rewards in South Africa.

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