Absa AVIS Rewards

Absa AVIS Rewards, Earn Rewards When You Buy Absa Card

Today’s guide will focus on Absa Avis rewards in South Africa.

When you achieve a daily score of 80 or more to unlock rewards such as free coffee, smoothie, or a meal every day.

You can also earn discretionary rewards from Avis based on excellent driving behavior.

We will first show you the terms and conditions for these rewards.

Terms For Absa Avis Rewards In South Africa

You qualify for the rewards only on car rental bookings made through the dedicated link.

You should make payments with an Absa credit card to qualify for the rewards.

The cashback earned from Avis excludes VAT, tourism levy, and any other extras.

These are the terms and conditions for the Absa Avis rewards in South Africa.

Absa AVIS Rewards

You earn up to 15% cash rewards from Avis when purchasing with an Absa credit card.

The cashback is calculated on the net time and mileage value only.

You get rewarded for great driving behavior and also receive amazing safety features.

You need to obey the speed limits to avoid harsh braking, cornering, and acceleration to get rewards.

You should also avoid using your cell phone while driving.

Your daily score will determine your rewards.

The rewards are allocated through the Avis SafeDrive app, and once you receive them, you can redeem the reward of your choice on the app and supply the vendor with the WiCode provided.

This is how the Avis rewards work in South Africa.

What Is Avis Safe Drive

This is an app on a smartphone both in IOS and androids where you can access our trip data and driving scores.

You also access information on how to improve your driving scores and how to redeem your daily rewards.

The SafeDrive app uses your phone and the Avis SafeDrive sensor to alert Avis of any severe impacts by turning your phone into a panic button for in-vehicle emergencies.

You have access to 24-hour emergency assistance to ensure that you are always safe while driving.

All these services charge only R20 per day.

This is all you need to know about Absa Avis rewards in South Africa.

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