Absa Appliance Insurance

Absa Appliance Insurance, 2023, Get Insurance For All Your Appliances

In our guide today, we will look at the Absa appliance insurance in South Africa.

This is basically an extended warranty to cover electrical appliances that you purchase.

Absa offers you appliance insurance when you purchase a new appliance using an Absa debit or credit card.

We will start by showing you what the insurance covers.

What Is Covered By The Insurance

The cover protects functional parts and labour from normal wear and tear, heat or humidity, power surges, among others.

You can insure appliances like the washing machine, cooker, dishwasher, cooling system, swimming pools, and hot tubs, among other home appliances and systems.

Mobile phones, tablets, and ipads are not covered in this insurance.

Genuine goods sold through unauthorized channels will also not be insured and the items used for business, professional or commercial purposes.

This is what is covered by the Absa appliance insurance in South Africa.

Absa Appliance Insurance

The premiums to this insurance depend on the price of the appliance and the duration of the extended warranty.

If the appliance is expensive, then the premiums will be relatively expensive.

The longer the warranty plan, the less expensive the premiums.

You will only be compensated for that one appliance you insured in the event of damage.

You can choose a plan that will cover all your home appliances though it will be a bit expensive.

However, the comprehensive cover is cheaper than insuring all the appliances separately.

The manufacturer has to provide an original warranty of no less than 12 months for an insured under this cover.

You should also have the original receipt showing the transaction was paid in full.

This is how the appliance insurance works in South Africa.

How To Apply Or Register For Absa Appliance Insurance

You can visit any Absa branch to apply for insurance.

Carry your original ID document and a receipt showing the transaction made with you.

Ensure that you purchase with an Absa credit or debit card to qualify for this cover.

This is all you need to know about the Absa appliance insurance in South Africa.

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