How To Claim Cashback From Assupol

How To Claim Cashback From Assupol, Assupol Cashback Guide

If you are searching for how to claim cashback from Assupol, then you have come to the right place. When you purchase a policy, you will receive Assupol cashback as one of the benefits. The time you have to claim the cashback is determined by the policy you purchased.

It is important to note that the money paid during the cashback claim is a portion of the premium you have been paying, and it will not be deducted when you claim the policy.

When you are eligible for the cashback from Assupol, the company will notify you via SMS, and you will have the option to claim or not. As a policyholder, you must file a formal claim, and Assupol will evaluate your claim and either approve or deny it. The amount of compensation is determined by the insurance policy you purchased from the company.

After Assupol accepts your request, you will be compensated in accordance with Assupol’s policy or agreement. In some cases, such as in the event of death, an interested party may claim on behalf of the insured.

Requirements Cashback From Assupol

The following are the requirements you need to have when cashback from Assupol.

  • Policy number
  • Your basic information (name, surname, ID number, contact details),
  • The deceased’s details
  • Your documents on hand

If you have the requirements, the following are ways to claim at Assupol;

How To Claim Cashback From Assupol Through Online

The first way to get cashback from Assupol is to go online. You must go to the Assupol website, log in to your client account, and click on the file claim button.

Similarly, after visiting the Assupol website and choosing the policy you purchased, such as funeral cover, there is a claim button on that page. Click it and then follow the on-screen instructions.

If filling out the details online is too time-consuming, you can download the claim form, fill it out, and submit it to the nearest Assupol office.

Visit The Nearest Assupol Office For Cashback

You can also claim cashback from Assupol by going to an Assupol branch near you. Assupol is a South African police force with offices all across the country. As a result, there is one close to you. You’ll be taken through the claim process at their offices.

You’ll receive an SMS acknowledging your claim after filing it with Assupol and submitting all relevant documentation. Assupol will provide you with a receipt with the claim tracking number. You can contact Assupol for help with your claim by calling 0861 235 664 or emailing

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