Who Qualifies For Assupol Cashback

Who Qualifies For Assupol Cashback, Cashback Eligibility

Chances are you are here as you’re looking for details about who qualifies for Assupol cashback.

It is imperative to note not everyone who buys Assupol insurance products qualify for cashback benefits.

In this blog post, I’ll share who can qualify for Assupol cash back and details about cashback.

If you opt for Assupol products due to cashback benefits, you are in the right place to learn who can qualify for Assupol cashback.

Benefits mean you get paid some of the premia you have been paying after a certain period.

Even after getting the cashback, you can still get compensation when your policy is due.

About Assupol cash back

The Assupol cashback is a money-back plan.

The policyholder gets paid a percentage of the funds assured at regular intervals rather than a lump sum after the term.

It’s a hybrid endowment and liquidity plan.

The payback is a bonus, and it’s excellent for risk-averse consumers who wish to save money with an insurance plan while keeping their cash flow.

If the insured individual dies, the nominee receives the entire sum assured, with no survivor benefits withheld.

The amount of cashback you actually earn is determined by your insurance coverage and the policy agreement with Assupol.

If you have been paying a high premium, you should expect to receive a large refund.

Who Qualifies for Assupol cashback?

The person who qualifies for Assupol cashback should have purchased Assupol policy either funeral or life cover.

Also, you need to keep your cover active to qualify for the cashback, which will be available for a claim after four years.

Assupol will notify you if you are eligible for a cashback claim.

Depending on which policy you have, the Cash Back benefit is usually claimed after three or four years.

You will be reimbursed for a portion of your premiums.

When you qualify for a cashback benefit, you will receive an SMS notification.

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