How Does FNB Smart Devices Work

How Does FNB Smart Devices Work In South Africa 2023

You are welcome to another interesting FNB guide with full details about how FNB Smart devices work.

There are different ways of banking with FNB, and one of the ways still gaining momentum is cellphone, online, and FNB App banking. 

One of the requirements while using any of these methods is a smartphone, especially if you are trying online APP banking.

First National Bank understands the need to promote their customer with Smart devices to better their customers’ banking experience.

Thus they offer Smart devices to their customers. Despite the o0ffer being there, only a few understand how it works.

How Does FNB Smart Devices Work

FNB’s smart device is an offer to all First National customers and also new customers.

The offer involves being given a smartphone device, and you pay for it within 24 months.

Different smart devices are different in prices and features.

Smartphone devices are meant to make your banking experience better banking.

With a smart device, you can access your account anytime and anywhere. 

Besides the bank offering smartphones, it also offers smart entertainment devices.

These devices include TV, and they come at no interest and no additional fees.

IF you are interested in FNB smart devices, offer you can apply for any of the devices you want through the FNB website online, call customer care for assistance or visit the nearest FNB branch.

Your order will be placed, processed, and delivered between 3-5 working days if you meet the qualification criteria. 

The bank will deliver the smart device to your address at an additional cost of R99.

If you had ordered a TV device or any other entertainment device, the delivery fee is R300.

When you get the smartphone device, it comes with free subscriptions to Online Banking, Cellphone Banking, Telephone Banking, and the FNB Banking App.

Besides, the bank also offers four free FNB ATM withdrawals a month.

Sometimes you may not get what the smart device you are looking for because it is limited, but they bring new products every week.

Thus, check now and get to see if the product you are looking for will be available.

FNB Smart Devices Requirements

The following are the basic qualifications for FNB smart devices.

The bank may require you to meet additional requirements depending on the value of the smart device you want.

  •         Have a transactional account with FNB
  •         Age 18 years and older
  •         Have a South African ID or valid passport

That is how FNB South Africa Smart devices work.

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