When Was Assupol Established

When Was Assupol Established, Get The Exact Date Below

If you have been looking for details on when it was Assupol Established, look no further you have come to the right place.

 In this blog post, you’ll not only know when Assupol was Established but also how it has grown to become a known insurance company in South Africa.

Assupol is among the oldest Insurance companies in South Africa. The company has stood firm for over a century, offering services to South Africans. Up to date, the company is still standing firm and developed into an even bigger company.

When Was Assupol Established

Assupol was founded in 1913 in South Africa. Originally the company was named as a burial society for members of the South African Police Service.

It started as a small company but today is a big company with branches spread all over South Africa.

Assupol is already 109 years old and is full-fledged life insurance, serving those who serve and frequently setting the standard with innovative products and services.

Furthermore, Assupol has become a household name, associated with excellent service and cost-effective products tailored to our target consumers.

But, more crucially, Assupol had remained the compassionate company it was when it was founded after more than a century.

Growth Of Assupol

Over the years, Assupol has grown into a big company. It is vital to know about its growth if you have a policy with Assupol or are interested to know about Assupol.

First, you need to know there are several companies under the Assupol name. Thus it is important to know about them.

More importantly, you need to know the holding company of the Assupol Group of companies is Assupol Holdings Ltd.  Assupol Life Ltd and Assupol Investment Holdings (Pty) Ltd are the Group’s wholly-owned subsidiaries.

Assupol Life Ltd

Assupol Life Ltd is a licensed financial services provider and a registered life insurer. Assupol Life offers low-cost funeral, life, savings, investment, and retirement products to the South African market.

Assupol Life bought cornerstone Brokers Corporate (Pty) Ltd in 2017, Prosperity Life Ltd in 2012, and Top Business Consultants (Pty) Ltd in 2018.

These companies are dormant subsidiaries of Assupol Investment Holdings (Pty) Ltd, except for Prosperity Life Ltd, which was deregistered.

Assupol Investment Holdings (Pty) Ltd

Assupol Investment Holdings (Pty) Ltd is an investment-holding company, and it holds the Group’s strategic investments.

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