What Are ANZ Reward Points Worth in Australia

What Are ANZ Reward Points Worth, 2023, How Much ANZ Australia Points Are Worth

Do you want to know how much ANZ reward points are worth?

ANZ Reward is a type of loyalty program that rewards you every time you make a purchase.

The program was designed by major banks such as Westpac and Citibank, and with this program, you amass rewards points that can be redeemed for things like travel vouchers, cashback, as well as gift cards.

But what are these reward points worth? How much in dollars are, let’s say 1,000 points worth?

What Are ANZ Reward Points Worth?

If you were to receive cashback for your ANZ points, you could redeem up to 15,000 points for $100 and 12,500 points for $50.

This means that 250 points are worth a dollar.

ANZ rewards points was an initiative by Australia and New Zealand Group, a multinational financial and banking service provider located in Melbourne, Australia.

The banks offer a wide range of credit cards that earn ANZ rewards points and Qantas Frequent Flyer Points.

There are three (3) types of credit cards that you can sign up for and earn points depending largely on how much you spend within a statement period.

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What are the ANZ credit cards that can earn you points?

The three ANZ credit cards are:

ANZ Rewards Black Card: This card can earn you from 1X to 2X reward points on your purchases, depending on the amount of money you spend within each statement period.

This card also provides invitation-only events as well as some great purchase and travel coverage.

ANZ Rewards Platform Card: With this card, you can earn between 0.5X and 1.5X reward points on your purchases, depending on how much money you use during a specific statement period.

Just like the ANZ Rewards Black Card, the ANZ rewards Platform Card also offers great purchase and travel coverages.

ANZ Rewards Card: Last but not least, there is the ANZ Rewards Card.

With this card, you can earn between 0.5X and 1X ANZ reward points on all your purchases.

Depending on the total amount you spend on a specific statement period.

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What Are ANZ Qantas Points Worth?

When you sign up for the Qantas Frequent Flyer program, you can redeem your Qantas points for numerous benefits provided they are travel-related.

With these Qantas points, you can get some pretty cool rewards, including tech toys, homeware, fine wine, first-class upgrade, car rentals, and gold-class movie tickets, among others.

But you need to actually bear in mind that all redemptions are not necessarily equal because it depends on where you redeem the points and what you redeem the points for.

For instance, a return trip to Perth from Sydney in an economy seat requires up to 36,000 Qantas points.

And with the actual cost being $533, it means that the value of 1,000 points is equal to $14.80.

On the other hand, if you fly from Sydney to Los Angeles on a return ticket economy seat, you will need a whopping 180,000 Qantas points.

But that is just for flights, what if you wanted to buy something, let’s say kitchenware or a gift card?

If you want to redeem your ANZ Qantas Points for a microwave, you will need at least 60,000 points depending on the brand and the store price of the piece.

It also depends on the type of product you want to buy, but basically, the pricier the piece or the gift, the higher points you will need.

When you apply for ANZ Frequent Flyer Black, you automatically get 100,000 Qantas points as well as $200 back to your credit card.

If you pay the annual fee ($425), you are eligible to spend up to $4,000 on qualified purchases in your first three months.

That is how much ANZ reward points are worth.

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