Is There A Fee For Using Osko

Is There A Fee For Using Osko, Find Osko Charges Here

Are you interested to know if there is a fee for using Osko in Australia? Then, read through this guide to learn.

Osko is a payment service owned by Bpay that enables customers to transfer money in less than a minute.

We will first show you how to use the service in Australia.

How To Use Osko

You do not need to do a thing to use Osko as long as your bank is Osko enabled.

The payments are made within your online banking.

The service is typically built into the Pay Anyone section in your online banking app.

If you want to know if you are using the service, look at your transaction history or watch out for the Osko name or the Osko logo at the end of the transaction.

The service is functional anytime, any day, with no exception of the weekends or public holidays.

Transactions take less than one (1) minute to be completed.

This is how you use Osko in Australia.

Is There A Fee For Using Osko

There is no fee for using Osko in Australia. However, that might change in the future, but Osko is free of charge for now.

You only incur the standard bank transaction charges when transacting with the service.

You need to have an active bank account with an Osko enabled financial institution to use the service.

The cost of opening a bank account depends on the particular financial institution.

This is generally the fee for using Osko in Australia.

Now that you know the fees for using Osko, we will go ahead and show you the requirements. 

Requirements To Open A Bank Account In Australia

Below are some of the basic requirements to open an account at any financial institution in Australia.

  • You need a valid government-issued ID to prove your identity.

You can use your national ID document or passport.

  • You have to produce your taxpayer identification number or your social security number.
  • You have to provide proof of residence which can be a utility bill not older than three months.
  • You need some money to open a new account. Different banks have their minimum cash requirements to open a new account.

You do not need proof of income if you are opening a savings account, but you must provide proof of income for the credit card.

This is what you need to open a bank account in Australia.

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