How To Join Assupol Funeral Plan

How To Join Assupol Funeral Plan, Follow The Steps Below

If you are looking for how to join the Assupol funeral plan, then look no further. You have come to the right place. Here you’ll learn various ways to register for the Assupol funeral plan.

Assupol’s funeral cover comes with different plans, and here I’ll share with you how to join each of the plans.

Assupol’s funeral plan lets you plan ahead of time, making things easier for your loved ones. Furthermore, funeral insurance allows you to take control of your finances and protect you and your family from unexpected costs and problems while grieving.

Therefore, if you have concluded you would like to join Assupol cover and have someone to take care of your family when you are no longer there, below are ways to go about it.

How To Join Assupol Funeral Instant Funeral Plan Online

The first option on how to join the Assupol funeral plan is online. The whole process is done through Assupol we bite, and it will not take you more than 10 minutes.

If you opt to sign up for the funeral plan online, you will be joining the Assupol instant Funeral Plan. The following are steps to follow and join Assupol funeral cover online; 

  • Visit Assupol website
  • Scroll down the page and select funeral cover among Assupol products
  • Select join through online
  • You will be required to fill the registration form where you enter your details, add other lives insured and nominate a beneficiary, and add bank details, among other details.

How To Join Assupol Absolute Advantage Funeral Plan Over The Phone

You can also opt to join the Assupol funeral plan over the phone. You get to select the option from the Funeral cover to join options and get a call directly from Assupol call center agents.

If you select to join over the phone, you will be subscribing to the Absolute Advantage Funeral Plan.

It is an Assupol funeral plan which allows you to plan your finances from the convenience of your own home, and it covers much more than simple funeral benefits.

How To Register For Assupol Excellence Family Funeral Plan Face-to-face

The other available option on how to join the Assupol funeral plan is face to face. In this case, you get to visit the Assupol offices or meet with Assupol agents and discuss joining the excellent Family Funeral Plan.

You will be assured of a dignified funeral for you and your loved ones for as little as R70 per month.

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