HDFC ATM Withdrawal Limit

HDFC ATM Withdrawal Limit, Daily, Weekly, & Monthly Limit

In today’s guide, we will be treating our readers with an answer to the HDFC ATM withdrawal limit.

HDFC Bank of India is one of the largest banking and financial institutions.

The bank has about 15,000 ATMs where you can get cash 40% faster than in other ATMs.

You can withdraw cash from an HDFC bank ATM or any non-HDFC bank ATM.

What Is The Cost Of ATM Money Withdrawal

You are only charged for the cash withdrawals.

Non-financial transactions like balance inquiry, mini statement & PIN change are all free of charge.

All transactions are charged if you use an HDFC bank card at other bank ATMs.

Cash withdrawal with a debit or credit card costs Rs 21 per transaction.

You are charged Rs 8.50 on non-financial transactions from other banks.

HDFC ATM Withdrawal Limit

Withdrawal limits depend on the type of card and the account you have.

The daily withdrawal limit with an ATM card from HDFC bank ATM is Rs 10,000.

The daily withdrawal limit when using a debit account is R 25,000.

The daily limit for withdrawal with an Easy shop Platinum Debit card is Rs 1 lakh.

This is the information you need about the HDFC ATM withdrawal limit.

How The HDFC 40% Faster Withdrawal Works In India

Did you actually know that you can save time on your cash withdrawal transactions by pre-setting our preferred language, account, or amount? We will show you how.

You can register your most frequently used cash withdrawal amount with the account and preferred 

language as my favorite at the ATM.

Whenever you want to withdraw an amount similar to the saved one, you only need to enter your PIN and select MyFavourite.

That way, you will collect your cash easily.

This also reduces the number of screens you have to go through from 9 to 5, thus saving 40% of your time.

This is how the 40% faster withdrawal works at HDFC in India.

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