Golden 1 ATM Withdrawal Limit

Golden 1 ATM Withdrawal Limit, 2023, Golden One Daily, Weekly, & Monthly Limit

Are you interested to learn about the Golden 1 ATM withdrawal limit in the US? Then read through his guide to learn.

Golden 1 credit union is based in Sacramento, California, and is a not-for-profit cooperative.

The credit union offers you a Debit ATM card, provided with a good credit history.

What Is The ATM network?

The credit union has numerous ATMs in Sacramento and uses Co-op network ATMs.

The co-op network includes ATMs of YFCU, USE, Patelco, and First US Community Credit Union.

Co-op Network ATMs are surcharge-free and have about 288,000 ATMs across the USA.

The credit union is also a member of the CU Service Center Network, which means that you can withdraw cash at any participating credit union branch in the network.

This is the Golden 1 ATM network in the US.

Why Golden 1 ATM Transaction Limit

The credit union set a daily ATM withdrawal limit for security reasons, such that when your card is stolen, the limit ensures that the thief can’t empty your entire account in one day. 

The withdrawal limit ensures that all customers’ needs are attended to, and that money is equally distributed in all ATMs.

This is the reason for the Golden 1 ATM transaction limit in the US.

Golden 1 ATM Withdrawal Limit

The withdrawal limit varies by the type of account you have.

You can find your ATM withdrawal limit in the documents issued with your car or by calling customer service.

The Golden 1 daily ATM withdrawal limit for the bank is usually $500 per day.

You can request an ATM transaction limit increase by contacting Golden 1 bank at 877-465-3361.

The credit union will first have access to your credit report, and if your limit increase request is accepted, it will be updated within one business day.

This is the Golden 1 ATM transaction limit in the US.

Golden 1 Transaction Charges

You are not charged for withdrawing cash from Golden 1 ATMs and Co-op network ATMs.

You are charged $2.00 per transaction when you withdraw from an out-of-network ATM.

For inquiries at Out-of-network ATMs, you are charged $1.00 per transaction.

This is all you need to know about the Golden 1 ATM withdrawal limit in the US.

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