MCU ATM Withdrawal Limit

MCU ATM Withdrawal Limit, 2023, MCU Daily, Weekly, & Monthly Limit

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The Municipal Credit Union is Metro New York’s largest credit union with about 18 branches and 425,000 members.

You can use your MCU debit card to withdraw cash at an MCU ATM or in any of the 30,000 CO-OP Network ATMs nationwide.

What Are The Charges For MCU ATM Withdrawals

You are not charged for in-network ATM withdrawals.

If you have a Basic Share Draft Account, you will be charged a withdrawal fee of $1.00 each time you withdraw from an ATM, whether in-network or out-of-network, in excess of eight during any calendar month.

When you withdraw from an ATM not owned by MCU, you will be charged $3.00 per transaction.

You are charged $for each transfer and another $1.00 for every inquiry you make.

The ATM owner or network may impose a separate fee when you use a non-MCU ATM.

You are charged a 1% fee for international ATM withdrawals.

These are the MCU ATM withdrawal charges in the US.

MCU ATM Withdrawal Limit

The MCU daily ATM withdrawal limit is $1,000 per day.

You can not also withdraw money from your account if the account balance is zero after the withdrawal.

If the credit union allows you to withdraw more than your account balance, you must agree to pay back the excess amount withdrawn immediately upon request.

There are no limitations on the number of transactions to make in a month.

This is after the six transactions in a month order was suspended as of April 2020.

For those asking how much can I withdraw from MCU atm, that is the simple answer.

Can The ATM Charges Be Waived

Withdrawal charges are waived on one condition.

The combined balance in your Share Account, FastTrack Checking account, Basic Share Draft Account, Money Market Account, Vacation, Holiday Club Accounts, Share Certificate Deposit Account all under the same root account number should be at least $2,000.

This balance is checked after the completion of the withdrawal.

This is all the information you need about the MCU ATM withdrawal limit in the US.

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