Assupol Life Cover For Parents

Assupol Life Cover For Parents, 2023, Policy For Parents

Our parents matter to most of us, and chances are you are here because you are looking for details if you can get them a cover. Here I’ll be sharing about Assupol life cover for parents ranging from what Assupol cover is right for your parents to what you need to do to get the cover for them.

It is imperative to note parents are direct family members; thus, it is easy to add them to your cover, and they will be compensated when your cover is compensated.  

If you are thinking of getting them a cover from Assupol insurance company, then continue reading to find out which cover to get your parents.

Assupol Life Cover For Parents

Assupol offers life cover for parents, and it is a cover where you will be the policy owner and will get to add your parents. You’ll be the one paying the premiums.

The following are Assupol life cover plans in which you can add your parents as beneficiaries, and they get a cover.

Progress Legacy Plan

The Assupol Progress Legacy Plan provides clients with a high-quality life insurance product. You can receive up to R10 million during compensation.

At an additional premium, Assupol during application and select would like to add parents to the cover and will get your parent’s life cover.

Progress 4Life Plan

The progress 4life plan is another Assupol life cover. You get to pay a fixed monthly premium of R120 per month but at an additional premium determined when applying for the cover and would like to include your parents in the cover.

Progress 4Sure plan

The monthly premium for the Assupol Progress 4Sure Plan is R90. You can receive up to R300 000 in compensation.

You and your spouse can be included in the plan, and for an additional premium amount, you can also cover your parents and children, and all of your premiums will be repaid in 10 years if you do not make a claim.

The parents can be included in the plan at an additional premium determined by Assupol if you select to have the parents included as beneficiaries.

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