Absa Zulzi Rewards

Absa Zulzi Rewards, How It Works & Benefits

In our guide today, we will briefly discuss the Absa Zulzi rewards in South Africa.

Zulzi is a leading online grocery delivery platform in South Africa that gives customers the power to shop for all their grocery needs efficiently.

Customers have more time to focus on what they love when they shop with this platform.

You can get your grocery delivered within 15 minutes of ordering, and the service is open from 6 am to 10 pm. 

We will first show you how to get the Absa rewards to offer on Zulzi.

How To Get The Absa Zulzi Offer

The program is only available for South Africa, and the standard partner and Absa rewards program terms and conditions apply.

To get the rewards, you need to use your Absa card to pay for all purchases on the Zulzi app.

You can use either your Absa debit card or credit card for purchases.

Download the Zulzi app from the apple store or google play store.  

You then need to load your Absa card underpayments.

This is how you get the Absa Zulzi rewards to offer in South Africa.

What Are The Earn Rates

Earn rates for this program are tiered, and for tier 1, you earn 1%.

The earn rate for tier 2 purchases is 1.75% and for tier 3 is 2.30%.

The earn rates for tier 4 and 5 purchases are 7.50% and 30%, respectively.

Earnings are limited to the first combined R3 000 in the qualifying transactions per the Absa rewards member for purchases per accrual period.

A negative earn will be based on the earned percentages for credit vouchers.

This is the earn rate of Zulzi rewards in South Africa.

Absa Zulzi Rewards

The prices in the Zulzi app are subject to change at any time, and Absa does not claim liability for this or for the cancellation of orders.

The rewards program does not guarantee that the purchase price will be the lowest in the market at the time as the prices of commodities vary 


You will not earn any rewards when you use another payment mode other than the Absa card payment.

There is no bank earn with this program, but only partners earn.

This is all you need to know about Absa Zulzi rewards in South Africa.

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