Absa Visa Travel Insurance

Absa Visa Travel Insurance, 2023, Get Insurance To Travel The World

Are you interested in the Absa visa travel insurance in South Africa? Then check out this guide.

You are covered for all travel emergencies from canceled flights, medical emergencies, or lost baggage with a visa card.

You are assured of safety in your trip and get covered in case of any unplanned activities.

We will first show you the travel assistance services that you get.

What Are The Travel Assist Services

Below is the travel assistance services you get from a visa travel insurance:

  • Cash transfer advice
  • Consular and embassy referral
  • Emergency travel and accommodation arrangements
  • Sending out of urgent messages
  • Evacuation assistance
  • Replacement of lost travel documents
  • 24 hour worldwide emergency medical assistance
  • Medical referral and monitoring
  • Emergency medicine
  • Bail assistance

These are the various travel assistance services from the visa travel insurance.

Absa Visa Travel Insurance

When you get hijacked by a public transport carrier for more than 12 hours, you are compensated R7,500.

For a visa corporate and visa gold corporate business card, you can claim up to a total of R3 million with the automatic basic cover.

For the visa purchase card, the visa aviation gold, and the regular visa card, you can claim up to a total of R1.5 million.

Visa silver and visa business revolve cards allow you to claim up to R1.5 million.

You can claim up to R1 million with the visa silver business card.

Optional top-up cover has a coverage of up to R19 million for option 1, R14 million for option two, and R4 million for option 3.

The seniors cover has a claim limit of R5 million, and the exclusive seniors have a claim limit of R1 million.

This is how the Absa visa travel insurance works in South Africa.

What Are The Options For The Optional Absa Visa Travel Insurance Cover

There is an option for individual travelers.

There is a package for couples traveling together on an itinerary.

At least three people, either family or friends, but not more than 9 traveling on an itinerary, also qualify for a cover.

There is also a group cover for a group of 10 to 15 people traveling together on an identical itinerary.

Seniors and exclusive seniors do not qualify for this cover.

This is all you need to know about the Absa visa travel insurance in South Africa.

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