Absa Third-party Insurance

Absa Third-party Insurance, 2023, Requirements, & Benefits

Do you want to know how the Absa third-party insurance works in South Africa? Then check out this guide.

This is the minimum insurance you need as a car owner and covers all expenses that arise in cases where you happen to damage any third party while driving.

A third party could be a person, property, or another vehicle, and all need to be protected fully in the event of damage or loss.

We will first show you what is covered by this policy.

What Is Covered By The Absa Third-party Insurance

You are covered fully for loss or damage to your car from fire, explosion, theft, and attempted theft.

The insurance covers towing and storage charges after an accident or emergency.

All your legal liabilities are catered for following a vehicle accident resulting in death or injury to other people (lives) or damage to their property.

This is what is covered by the Absa third-party insurance in South Africa.

We will now show you the benefits and features of this insurance.

Absa Third-party insurance

You get competitive e premiums for your insurance and have access to legal liability.

You get 24-hour road assistance with this cover.

The insurance will compensate for all expenses involved when someone loses their life or is injured by your car.

There is no limit to compensating for the loss of life, as life is invaluable.

If you bump into a property or another vehicle causing damages, the cover will compensate for the damages made.

You also get a personal accident cover to cover any personal injuries in case of an accident.

These are the benefits and features of the Absa third-party insurance in South Africa.

What Are The Add-ons For This Policy

You get a home drive with a designated driver that ensures you always arrive home safely after a night out.

You get up to 6 drives per policy.

You are also assured of roadside assistance whenever you have an emergency.

The cover also keeps you safe after a roadside breakdown if you are stranded in an unsafe area alongside the road.

Absa will arrange for an armed guard to stay with you and the vehicle until towed or help has arrived.

This is all you need to know about the Absa third-party insurance in South Africa.

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