Absa Sasol Rewards

Absa Sasol Rewards, How Redeems It & Benefits

In our article today, we will discuss the Absa Sasol rewards in South Africa.

Sasol rewards are given to Absa customers that fill up at Sasol.

The Sasol rewards enable you to get and enjoy double cash back promotions where you will also increase your earning rates by using your credit card.

We will first show you the key things you need to know about the rewards.

Absa Sasol Rewards

You get cash back rewards in your pocket every time you receive the rewards.

The rewards score lets you move up tiers, and the higher your tier, the more you stand a chance of winning more rewards.

Through the Absa Sasol rewards, you get morale to keep using Absa and get rewards for the cashback.

What You Need To Know About Sasol Rewards

Your cash rewards are paid to your Absa rewards accounts to redeem whenever you wish.

The rewards exclude bill payments, prepaid airtime, and also lotto purchases.

You use your Absa personal credit, cheque, or debit card for paying your fuel, where your fuel rewards are calculated according to the type of card used.

You will get no cash back when you fill up or shop at Sasol over the R3000 spend limit.

These are the essential things you need to know about Sasol rewards in South Africa.

How To Redeem

You get to claim your cashback rewards in the form of cheques by requesting through your card’s online management system, whereby it needs to reach a certain amount such as $50 or $100.

You can also redeem the rewards as a statement credit which appears as credit and decreases your card balance by the amount of your reward.

You can redeem your cashback funds for gift cards where you end up being awarded the original amounts.

You can also redeem your cash back rewards for merchandise like iPad, Television, and gadgets.

This is how you redeem Sasol rewards in South Africa.

These are the benefits of Absa Sasol rewards in South Africa.

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