Absa Private Bank Travel Insurance

Absa Private Bank Travel Insurance, 2023, Get The Best Travel Benefits

In our guide today, we will focus on the Absa private bank travel insurance in South Africa.

This cover is available for Absa private bankers who may have a private bank credit card.

The clients can enjoy travel benefits as long as they purchase the return travel tickets with the Absa private bank.

We will first show you the insurance options.

What Are The Options For This Policy

The automatic basic cover does not include cover for existing medical conditions and hazardous activities like earthquakes.

You can supplement the cover b choosing an optional top-up cover.

This cover ensures people as old as 74 years, but they have to opt for the senior’s cover for the older people.

The cover for seniors is for travelers aged 75 to85 years.

These are the Absa private bank insurance options in South Africa.

Absa Private Bank Travel Insurance

We will now show you the benefits of this cover.

You get an emergency medical cover of R3 000, an excess in-patient of R2,00, and an excess out-patient of R2,000.

The insurance will pay hospital cash of up to R7,500 and a holiday disruption of R3,000.

Death and permanent disability excluding air travel will be compensated R250,000, and death and disability from air travel will be covered with R750,000.

You have access to travel assistance services like evacuation, cash transfer advice, medical monitoring, bail assistance, and replacement of lost travel documents.

Baggage delays for more than 6 hours, travel delays for more than four hours, and a missed departure has coverage of R2,500.

You get a legal responsibility to third parties of up to R2,500 and an excess of R1,000.

The total limit for all claims is R3,000,000.

These are the benefits of the Absa private bank travel insurance in South Africa.

 How To Claim Absa Private Bank Travel Insurance

We will now show you how to claim for this cover.

For any medical out-patient and inconvenience claims like trip cancellation, delays, and loss of baggage, please contact Bryte on 011 370 9205.

You can also email them through absatravelclaims@brytesa.com

For a medical emergency, contact the emergency assistance helpline at +1 416 977 9288.

Ensure that you provide the information required, such as the travel insurance policy number or the credit card number.

Confirm with the assistance helpline our location, contact telephone number where they can reach you, and the nature of the emergency.

Also, remember to include the type of assistance you require to get an emergency response.

This is how you claim Absa private bank travel insurance in South Africa.

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