Absa Offshore Unit Trusts

Absa Offshore Unit Trusts, How It Works & Benefits

In today’s article, we will discuss the Absa offshore unit trusts in South Africa.

Offshore unit trusts refer to fund schemes that invest in foreign countries or international markets and are often referred to as international funds or foreign funds.

Absa offshore unit trust allows you to gain vast exposure to international markets and foreign funds, which is also part of your offshore allowance.

Absa Offshore unit Trusts

Here is how to apply for the Absa offshore unit trusts:

  1. First, visit the Absa website portfolio
  2. Next, download the investment application form.
  3. Next, fill out the form. 
  4. Next, gather the required documents listed on the form
  5. Next, email the documents to AIMScc@absa.co.za
  6. After that, wait for feedback from Absa.

This is how you apply for the Offshore unit trusts in South Africa.

What You Need To Know About The Offshore Unit Trusts

Your annual fees are calculated on the market value of units held within the fund with a minimum investment of R50000.

Still, the available funds do not declare interests and dividends because they are automatically reinvested.

 below are the annual policy charges:

  • Below R250000= 0.75%
  • Between R 500000= 0.50%
  • Above R750000= 0.25%

Your stability is increased in terms of portfolio performance by spreading the risk.

However, the annual review fees are negotiable between you and your chosen financial advisor.

In South Africa, the presentation of the global market is only 1%.

These things you need to know about Offshore unit trusts in South Africa.

What Are The Benefits 

Through the offshore unit trusts, you get various advantages such as tax benefits, asset protection, and multiple investments.

You get the chance to interact with the wealthiest of investors in foreign countries, which helps you grow in thinking and expansion of ideas.

Through Offshore unit trusts, you can invest and access entities not available in your home country.

From a comprehensive range of funds, you can build a diversified portfolio.

These are the benefits of Absa offshore unit trusts in South Africa.

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