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Absa HelpUSell, Sell Your Properties The Quickest Way

In our guide today, we will briefly discuss Absa HelpUSell in South Africa.

This product is designed to come in handy when you find yourself struggling with your home loan repayments.

You can sell an existing property and buy a property that is easier to afford to resolve your financial difficulties.

Absa offers the HelpUSell service to help with the sale of your property.

We will first explain briefly what HelpUSell is in South Africa.

What Is HelpUSell

This service helps you sell your home at a market-related price to help you pay your loan off.

Absa has a network of professional sales agents who will help you access marketing networks, advertise for you and foresee the sale of the property.

The sale of your property is handled professionally and competently, making sure you have compensated the property’s correct value.

Now that you know what HelpUSell is, we will show you the discounts you qualify for.

What Are The Discounts

You qualify for a 50% discount if you are behind on your loan installment for three months or less.

You qualify for a 30% discount if you are behind with loan repayment installments for 3 to 6 months.

You qualify for only a 10% discount if you are behind your installments for more than six months.

These are the discounts associated with Absa HelpUSell in South Africa.

Absa HelpUSell

We will now show you exactly how HelpUSell works in South Africa.

You first have to sign a HelpUSell mandate to allow the appointment of a sales agent to the market, advertise and sell your property.

The mandate includes additional terms and conditions on the sale and registration process.

Your property will then be listed for sale, where the sales agents will work hard to sell the property.

If a potential buyer comes up, you can submit the offer and proof of your buyer’s finance to privatesales@absa.co.za for consideration.

You are responsible for maintaining the property to ensure that it is shown to its full potential to prospective buyers to ensure that you get the highest possible buying price.

You are liable for all costs associated with the sale and transfer of the property, including outstanding rates, taxes, charges for municipal services, and levies.

You can make advance payments or pay from the sale proceeds, whichever suits you better.

When you pay from the sale, proceeds will reduce the amount available for distribution into your home loan account.

This is all you need to know about Absa HelpUSell in South Africa.

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