Absa Gold Credit Card Rewards

Absa Gold Credit Card Rewards, Know How To Qualify For The Offer

In our guide today, we will briefly discuss the Absa gold credit card rewards in South Africa.

The gold credit card is designed for professionals and entrepreneurs with a steady revenue stream.

The card offers a lineup of attractive deals and experiences with great cash rewards.

The card is accepted globally to earn rewards for both local and international transactions.

We will first show you how to get this offer.

How To Get The Offer

You earn the rewards when you swipe your gold credit card for all the qualifying transactions.

You earn two points for every R1 000 spent at any point of sale worldwide.

You get instant rewards also when you complete simple challenges on the banking app with Absa advantage.

This is how to get the Gold Credit Card Rewards to offer in South Africa.

Absa Gold Credit Card Rewards 

You earn 1% cash back for all purchases exceeding R1 000.

You get discounts of up to 20% from over a hundred local merchants from dining to traveling and purchase of electronics, among others.

You will also get vouchers to shop for health and beauty products, groceries, and also travel tickets.

You get free travel insurance for a return ticket with the journey originating and ending in South Africa.

You get to choose from three discounted insurance packages with low monthly premiums.

You get free accidental hospital cashback with this card.

These are the Gold credit card rewards in South Africa.

Requirements To Enjoy Gold Credit Card Rewards In South Africa

Below are some of the requirements to enjoy the Absa gold credit card rewards in South Africa:

  • You should have an active Absa Gold account
  • Registered for the Absa rewards program
  • An Absa Gold Credit card
  • You need to make a point of sale or online purchases with the credit card

This is all you need to know about the Absa gold credit card rewards in South Africa.

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