Absa Global Value Feeder Fund In South Africa

Are you interested to learn about the Absa global value feeder fund in South Africa? Then check out this article.

This type of unit trust is often a limited partnership that pools the capital commitments of investors and invests the funds’ capital into a master fund.

The umbrella or master fund directs and oversees all investments held in the master portfolio.

We will first show you the requirements to apply for the fund in South Africa.

What Are The Requirements

Below are the basic requirements to apply for the Absa global value feeder fund:

  • You need an electronic copy of your certified ID signed three times.
  • You should provide both the back and front of the ID
  • A Copy of a certified Unabridged Birth Certificate in case of a minor
  • A proof address is not older than three months
  • You need proof of banking if you are a non-Absa client
  • Tax number, and if you are a minor, you can use the tax number of your guardian or parent

These are the primary requirements to apply for the Global value feeder fund in South Africa.

Absa Global Value Feeder Fund

This fund will offer you long-term capital growth by investing in equity securities of worldwide companies.

It is a long-term investment, and you are protected against a depreciating rand.

However, the investment is high risk because of the possible currency changes and equity investment.

The investment manager in control of your funds will invest in a select portfolio of securities and will not be restricted by size or sector.

The value of equities like shares may vary according to company profits, prospects, and other general market factors.

Owners of equity rank last in terms of financial payments in the event of company default.

The risks are high for the above five years investments and lowest for 3 to 6 months investments.

This is how the abs global value feeder fund works in South Africa.

How To Apply For Absa Global Value Feeder Fund

You can fill out an application form online through https://www.absafinancialservices.co.za/UnitTrustApplication/?Fund=Absa-Global-Value-Feeder-Fund

If you have any inquiries, you can contact Absa at 0860 111 456 or email them at utapplications@absa.co.za.

This is how you apply for Absa global value feeder fund in South Africa.

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