Absa Credit Card Travel Insurance

Absa Credit Card Travel Insurance, 2023, Get Your Travelling Card Insured

Did you know that an Absa credit card travel insurance in South Africa protects you from any travel-related uncertainties? 

This cover is meant for credit card clients who purchase travel tickets using the Absa credit card.

The policy covers canceled flights, lost luggage, sudden illness, and delayed connection flights.

We will first look at the benefits of this cover.

Benefits Of Absa Credit Card Travel Insurance

You do not have to use cash to purchase place tickets with this cover because you can use the Absa credit card.

You earn reward points when you swipe your card to pay for your travel expenses.

You can relax and enjoy our journey with this cover since you are all protected.

You can travel at discounted rates with your spouse, family, or friends.

The annual multi-trip covers you for an unlimited number of trips in 12 months for frequent travelers.

These are some of the benefits of the Absa card travel insurance.

Absa Credit Card Travel Insurance

You get an emergency medical cover and up to 90 days of automatic basic travel insurance for international trips as long as you use your credit card to purchase the return tickets.

The top-up rates for this coverage vary with the specific cover that you pick and the plan.

The cover excludes any claims arising from any pre-existing medical condition you are aware of.

You can claim up to a maximum of R1.5 million when you purchase your travel tickets with the Absa credit card.

You can also buy the optional top-up cover by paying with your Absa credit card.

This is how the Absa card travel insurance works in South Africa.

Requirements For Travel Policy

You need to be between 3 months and 74 years to qualify for the automatic basic cover.

Seniors between the age of 75 and 85 qualify for the senior’s travel insurance cover.

Exclusive seniors’ insurance covers travelers from86 years to 89 years.

You need to have a valid Absa credit card and purchase travel tickets with it.

These are the Absa credit card travel insurance requirements in South Africa.

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