Absa Concierge In South Africa

Absa Concierge In South Africa, Find Out How To Apply

Are you interested to learn about Absa concierge in South Africa? Then check out this guide.

Absa concierge services help you find exactly what you are looking for with better access, better rates, and added extras not available to the general public.

Booking through a concierge, you get standard complimentary offers and benefits.

We will first show you the benefits of this service.

Absa Concierge

First, you have to register for the concierge service at an Absa branch and get the visa master card to help with your travel.

You can book local or international travel packages and anything from stage events, sports matches, concerts, or festivals.

The concierge services give you access to over 800 premium airport lounges worldwide and the luxury to choose from over 900 hotels.

You get international medical and multi-trip travel insurance.

The cover also includes extended family members and certain sports.

This is how the Concierge works in South Africa.

What Are The Benefits

You get direct access to major venues and box offices worldwide, which means you will get priority allocation at no extra cost.

You get discounts and priority access on the world’s most sought-after brands thanks to Absa’s partnership with leading luxury labels like Hermes, Dyson, Apple, KitchenAid, and Moet Hennessy.

Absa concierge has an events calendar that is curated to inspire, inform and entertain, from tasting evenings and fashion talks to exhibition previews and book readings.

You get to discover global adventures and local experiences informed by insider exercise and member favorites.

While making the most of concierge or wonder lust-worthy travel destinations, you can stay at hotels in Absa’s concierge global hotel collection.

You will enjoy access to destination spotlights written by those in the know and digital magazines written by award-winning journalists.

These are the significant benefits of the Concierge in South Africa.

Now that you know the benefits of the service, we will show you how the service works.

How To Contact Absa Concierge

You can visit any Absa branch to apply for concierge services.

The concierge services allow you to access global customer assistance for lost or stolen cards in South Africa or abroad.

 When in South Africa, contact customer assistance at 0800 991 556, and when abroad, you can dial the direct international dial, 0044 2071 368 631.

You can alternatively email at concierge@visasignature-SSA.com.

This is all you need to know about Absa concierge in South Africa.

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