Absa Business Evolve Start

Absa Business Evolve Start, How To Apply & Benefits

In our guide today, we will show you all the information you need about Absa business evolve start in South Africa.

This account is perfect for your business if you have low transaction volumes.

The product includes fixed-free banking to support your cash flow and budgeting needs.

We will first show you the requirements to apply for this account.

Absa Business Evolve Start

You have free 24/7 access to Absa online and the Absa banking app.

You get a visa debit card to help with your day-to-day cash withdrawals, cash-free payments, and purchases.

You can withdraw funds from the account any time you need them.

All cash transactions in excess of the bundled number or transaction value are charged as an out-of-bundle fee.

Transactions that do not form the bundled transactions are charged on the normal PAYT basis.

You get to retain your account for life even if you change business transactional account types or price plans.

There is no limit to the number of business accounts opened per entity.

You have access to the self-service portal, Absa ATMs, Absa-supported ATMs, a branch network, and a cash handling service.

There is a shariah-compliant account option available if you need one.

These are the features of Absa’s business evolve start in South Africa.

We will now show you the cost of this account.

What Are The Requirements

Below are the documents required to apply for the account:

  • You should have an annual turnover of up to R500 million 
  • A copy of your ID
  • You need proof of residence
  • Proof of the business’s physical address or an affidavit for the sole proprietor.
  • Submit your three months bank statements for your personal account.
  • You need company registration documents if you are not a sole proprietor
  • Company resolution where there is more than one signatory

These are the basic requirements for the Absa business evolve start in South Africa.

We will show you the features of the account.

What Is The Cost Of Absa Business Evolve Start In South Africa 

There are no charges for Absa inter-account transfers, Absa-to-Absa debit orders, and NotifyMe.

The monthly fee for this account is only R265.

There is no monthly fee for the Absa SmartPay card.

You have access to the cash flow manager at no additional fee.

This is all the information about Absa business evolve start in South Africa.

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