Absa Absolute Fund

Absa Absolute Fund, How It Works, Requirements & Application

Are you interested to learn about the Absa absolute fund in South Africa? Then check out this guide.

The main objective of this fund is to provide a consistent positive return above inflation over the medium term.

The fund also aims to protect capital over the long term with moderate risks to the investors and minimize the risk of capital loss over any 12 months.

We will first show you the features of the fund.

Features Of Absolute Fund In South Africa

This fund is an ideal vehicle for medium to long-term investments.

It aims to provide a consistent positive return above inflation.

The fund offers you diversification by exposing you to multiple asset classes.

The fund provides you with a source of income and offers potential for capital appreciation.

There is a potential for high returns with more volatility than money market and traditional income funds.

It is suitable for pre-retirement and post-retirement investments.

These are the features of the Absa absolute fund in South Africa.

Absa Absolute Fund

The funds use a diversified allocation of their investment across all classes of assets and choose lower-risk individual assets to lower the fund’s risk profile while targeting low-risk returns.

This fund mainly invests in south African investments and financial markets at all times

The following securities are included in the fund:

  • Non-equity securities
  • Assets in liquid form
  • Equity securities acquired on exchanges and financial instruments

The absolute fund is managed according to the guidelines as set out in regulation 28 of the pension funds act and is suitable for retirement funds investments.

This is how the Absa absolute fund works in South Africa.

How To Apply For Absa Absolute Fund

You can apply for this fund by filling out an online application form https://www.absafinancialservices.co.za/UnitTrustApplication/?Fund=Absa-Absolute-Fund

To apply, you need to present copies of the following documents:

  • South African ID that has been signed three times
  • birth certificate 
  • proof of address older than three months 
  • tax number or that of a guardian if you are not of the legal age
  • proof of income like a bank statement

If you have any issues during the application, you can email Absa at utapplications@absa.co.za or reach out through 0860 111 456.

This is all you need to know about Absa’s absolute fund in South Africa.

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