0343 Which Network Code

0343 Which Network Code, Telenor, SIM Number Check Code Guide

Are you in Pakistan and wondering which network code is 0343? We have the answer for you in this guide. We have dedicated this article to 0343 which network code.

Before we proceed, you need to know that every telecom operator in Pakistan has its own unique network code.

This varies from one telco to the other.

So, the code for Jazz will be different from that of Zong, Ufone, Warid (Now Jazz), and even Telenor.

It is also interesting to note that the same telecom operator may have different network codes.

That is why we have dedicated this guide to help those asking which telecom code is 0343.

0343 Which Network Code?

0343 is the network code for Telenor in Pakistan. If you have received a call with the network code 0343, then that is a Telenor phone number.

In most cases, the Telenor phone number will be preceded by the Pakistan country code.

Is 0343 The Only Telenor Network Code?

No. 0343 is not the only code for Telenor telecom in Pakistan.

There are other codes used by the mobile operator.

For a complete list of the codes, you can see them on the official Telenor website, telenor.com.pk.

What Is The Telenor Sim Number Check Code?

The USSD code to check your Telenor SIM number is *8888#.

That is the Telenor SIM number check code for Pakistan.

Please note that this is different from the Network code, which is 0343.

How Do I Check The Phone Number?

Every mobile operator has a unique way of checking the phone number.

If you want to check your Telenor mobile phone number, dial *8888# on your Telenor mobile phone.

Wait a few seconds, and your Telenor phone number will be shown on the screen.

That is how to check your Telenor mobile phone number.

If you have any issues with the Telenor network code 0343 or checking your phone number, please you need to contact Telenor customer care for assistance.

The customer support will help you with 0343 which network code.

How To Contact The Telenor Customer Care Support For Help With 0343 Network Code

There are various ways to contact the Telenor support unit in Pakistan for assistance.

For those who want to place a call, here is the Telenor customer care contact number: +92 (42) 111 345 100.

If you want to send them a message, use the official email address: telenor345@telenor.com.pk.

The Telenor call center shortcode is 710.

For more information, go to the website here: telenor.com.pk.


As you have seen from this guide, 0343 is the network code for Telenor Telecom in Pakistan.

SIM Number check code: *8888#.

Here is how to check your Telenor Pakistan phone number: dial *8888# on your Telenor mobile phone.

Email address: telenor345@telenor.com.pk.

Call Center shortcode: 710.

Telenor customer care phone number: +92 (42) 111 345 100.

Official website: telenor.com.pk.

That is all you need to know about 0343 which network code.

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